Power Bundle Deals for 2020 EXC-F / FE 350 / 500 / 501

     The purpose of these kits is to give you a one stop shop deal, to where you know that you are getting a complete package, that is set up to work together to give you the performance you’re looking for. 

The kit with the Fuel Programmer, for the 2020 bikes, for $650, is the best overall bang for the buck. It gives you enough fuel everywhere, to be able to hold it wide open up long hills, whether sand or snow.

A lot of time was spent developing this kit, and it shows in ease of starting and smooth, strong acceleration and top end power. The kits for the 2020 bikes are only applicable to US and Canadian spec bikes.

The 2020 kits, save you $85 over buying separately, to help you out, because we know you just spent a lot on a new bike and are kind of disappointed with it's performance. The 2020's don't require emissions delete kits, and the end caps cost less.

The kits include the fuel programmer, exhaust end cap, intake tube, grunt exhaust manifold, fuel rail, quick-disconnect fuel filter, high flow 90-degree gas tank fitting, and instructions to install everything.

You can see everything below…