Power Bundle Deals for 2017-2019 EXC-F / FE 250 / 350

The bundle deals for the 2017-19 250 and 350 EXC's and FE models are simple.

These kits bump your 250 from the stock 23 horsepower, to a big useable 33 horsepower.

These kits bump your 350 from the stock 38 horsepower, to a big useable 48-49 horsepower.

We have proven time and time again with testing, that simple TPS tuning is all you need on the 250 and 350 models for good fueling from idle to wide open. So all you may really need is these $599.95 TPS kits.

However, the kits with the programmers do make an extra 1-hp from 6 - 10,000 rpm, and if you want all the power you can get, then the $699.95 Programmer kit is the way you want to go.