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The 2015 500 XCFW is now here.  In completely stock form, this bike is no fun. I rode it for about 3 minutes and turned around and came home.  Then went back out on the modified 2015 350 XCFW and had the best time ever.  So time to get to work and make it great also. 

One of a few 2015 KTM 350 XCF-W's in America, shown above. It gets ridden pretty much every day and we  have it done and hauling butt. It's street legal as well. I built the 365 big bore in the July issue of DirtBike magazine, on the shelves now or soon, which they called one of the best bikes they have ever ridden.  With this bike, still a 350, I'm out to beat it. I feel I have.  Read the 350 xcfw page for the full how to.

Even with the 2015 350 XCF-W, the Big Bottom kit, shown below, is the best bang for the buck power wise and the best place to start your 2013-15  350, 450 or 500 xcf-w build.

Home of the BIG BOTTOM kit, shown above. It's the Grunt exhaust manifold and Snap airbox insert at a big savings when you get together. They increase air velocity going in and out of the engine. It's a 10 minute bolt on and doesn't hurt mileage. It doesn't matter what your exhaust system is or emissions state or fuel programming or anything. It's the best spent money, to increase get up and go, at all throttle openings that you can get for the measly price of $149.95.  Fit's 2011-12 350 sxf and xcf, 2012-14 350 exc and xcf-w,  2012-14 450 and 500 xcf-w and exc. Visit the BIG BOTTOM page for more info 

You know the testimonials come in every day. I just don't put them up much because it just seems redundant. They are usually on the big gains for little money on the EXC's.  But since this one is from a guy who just got the BIG POWER KIT shown below, and added it to his 500 exc that already had our pipe, big bottom kit, gearing and some re-mapping, it gives you and idea of the gain of this kit.  He also got the Dead Ends anti vibes bar inserts at the same time.

"Without using to much profanity, this bike is F'k awesome!! Twice the bike now, back to doing fourth gear standup wheelies like my CRF450R. Put 80 miles on yesterday first ride since the upgrades. You were right never even notice the blip at the bottom when riding, turned up the idle a little, it helped. Only stalled twice, what thumper doesn't when I am driving, all six I've owned. Still tracks great in the woods. Anti vibe did the trick. Next project the suspension. Great website, looking forward to any updates, keep up the good work, I will be passing on the word."     Derek B.

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Our new deal is the



If you are wondering how I found so much power in the 500, it's because of the new Big Power Kit.

I figured out how to adapt the new throttle body from the SX to the 500 EXC and XCF-W.

It also would be a huge improvement to any 365 kit.

The ecu needs some special programming and the new body some tweaking, but when all fixed, the bigger bore body with the injector on the bottom make a HUGE increase in power. From idle to redline, it's got to be about 3 more hp and even though the throttle response is smooth and controllable, if you whip it on, your wheel comes up. Even at 8000 ft.  And it's almost impossiblr to make flame out.  Read more about it on the Big Power Kit page.  And if you want the whole deal with the tps included and new programmed ecu, then that's available too.


The Dead End vibration system, shown below, is finally all improved. Not only is it a pieced together system, to fit a majority of needs, but it works much better as well.

These are the inserts.  Now, with the chambers filled with a heavy media that can shake and absorb various vibrations, just the inserts help control vibration at all rpm's now.  You can just use these to start for $59.95 and then add from there if needed.


You can then add the end weights if desired to just wipe out the vibes. Personally I would, after riding with and without. You can see the different ideas on the dead ends page. 

This is our reason for being …


You know everyone wants the perfect bikes for them. We do. And the only way to do it is to change things to your liking. This is basically going from point A to point B.

Point A is the stock bike we all have to start with. You first choose the best baseline bike (point A) that you think will fit your needs. Then, you decipher though all kinds of available information to help you change the bike into the perfect bike for you (point B).

And this is where we come in.  We get bikes off of the showroom floor, like you do, and then we figure out the best bang for the buck fixes to the most common areas of interest for these bikes.  All info we have provided you with has been designed and tested to do just that for you.

We try to provide you with things that will make your riding experience more enjoyable. Everything we put out there has had lots of feedback and testimonials and provided lots of smiles without wasting any hard earned money.

So watch some videos and read about your bike and hopefully we can help you smile bigger too. Thanks for the support!

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