The 2016's are here and done. Everything from 2015 fits the 2016 KTM"S and Husky's.

The KTM parts and Husky parts ARE all the same.


Please, Please, Please watch all the vids under the "video series" tab at the top for all KTM's and Husky's to see how easy building these bikes is

I think this email that just came in this morning sums up not only the reason we spend so much time continually testing new ideas until perfected, but also what you can REALLY expect when you buy this stuff.  There seems to be enough feedback nowadays on chat sites, magazines, friends and customers on the testimonials page, that no one should ever be skeptical about if the stuff really works or not.

I just want to start off by saying WOW !!!  I bought the snap, grunt, end cap, black box, tps, and the 14-52 gears for my 2015 exc 500  I set the tps at 67 and took for a ride down the road can't keep the front tire on the ground absolutely amazing can't wait to hit the trails this weekend I would recommend this to anybody thank you very much Dave great products. 

Shawn, from central Wisconsin


                                              All follow up videos for explanation are on your bikes respective page. Go to "The bikes" tab at the top and then pick out your bike for more specific info. 

The video above is just an introduction to why you may want to watch the new "understanding and building your new bike" video series.  "Ignorance is not bliss", say's Jim Rohn.  'Ignorance will cost you time, money, heatache and frustration.'  This video series is designed to save you all these things, by educating you about what's really going on with these new bikes.  It's designed from a budget conscious point of view and applies to all 2012-2016 KTM EXC and XCFW 4 strokes and the 2015-16 Husky FE and FE-S models.  It's under the "video series" tab


                   You know people always ask the same question. "How does the PQP end cap compare to a slip on?"  Whether you read the testimonials, magazines or forum threads, the answer to that holds true.  It gives you the same power with a lot less sound and at a third of the cost. And with the new "Black Box" to enhance your stock headpipe, you can have all the benefits of a $900 full exhaust system for $300 total for both.

Available in silver or black.  It needs to be noted, that anodize does fade out from heat and UV rays after time.  This is the same for this end cap or the orange brake master cylinder cover from ktm hardparts.

Available in silver or black.  It needs to be noted, that anodize does fade out from heat and UV rays after time.  This is the same for this end cap or the orange brake master cylinder cover from ktm hardparts.

You know the "Black Box" is new, and out now, to vastly improve your stock header, without breaking the bank.  If you are skeptical about if it works, or about if it's scary to cut your headpipe, don't be.  The new June issue of DirtBike magazine is out, and on page 96 they gave it a quick review.  The phrase to concentrate on from this test is " We had the opportunity to test a pre production unit and were blown away. We felt a good bottom to mid gain, and through the world of sonic staggering, the noise level was lessened !"

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After opening up the exhaust flow with the end cap, you need to increase the fuel to the engine with or tps tuner.  This is a must for the EXC and FE-S models.  It is not necessary on the XCFW and FE offroad models, but still helps.  The tuner is not for use if you have the "Euro" map installed.

The best way to increase fuel is to use  our TPS tuner here to the right, so you can accurately increase the output voltage of your throttle position sensor (tps) by being able to put exactly 5.00 volts into it. You don't need any different ecu programs or piggyback tuners. Keep your stock EXC or XCF-W program and increase power and response to your liking by cranking up the tps. Go to the TPS tuning page under "the products" to learn more.

Because of the tps clip, it does not fit the sxf or xcf models.  The "F" stands for four stoke by the way. If your bike is a 2011 - 2015 four stroke and says EXC or XC-W on the fender, this will work. If your bike is a 2011-12 350 or 450 sx , xc, xc -w or exc four stroke, this will fit and work for you also.

If you have the EURO MAP in your bike already, you really shouldn't need to use the tuner, as it may make it to rich.  You are welcome to try it though, as some have loved a higher tps number with the euro maps.









Now for one of the coolest things to come along in 10 years in header technology.  And the funny part is, your still using all or most of your stock pipe.  It's the "Black Box".  Right now it's for 450's and 500 - 501's only.


The black box has 3 big advantages over stock.  They are:

1.  More power when accelerating and better throttle response.

2. Quieter when accelerating, since it has the only pressure relief chamber on the market, that holds sound absorbing material

3. You now have a 2 part pipe, since it couples together in the box. Now you can remove your pipe easily without having to remove your shock.







And a big improvement over aftermarket headers.  Cost.  $149.95 compared to $400-$500




The box itself is machined aluminum and it  has transfer holes in it, so that the pressure can easily move from the headpipe, into the top chamber.  Not only does this let the extra pressure in the headpipe bleed off, into the chamber under acceleration, so it accelerates easier, but it bleeds the pressure into the only chamber that is filled with special sound absorbing material.  Which is why it makes the bike quieter as well.  And even though the sound absorbing material will last a long time, being tougher stainless steel, it's easily replaceable, by just removing the top cover.




You can read more about it and how to install on the Power Quiet Pipes page.

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The 450-500-501 Primary headers are here and really work well to increase throttle response and get up and go from idle up to half throttle.  Ride a gear higher in most situations.  It's designed to fit perfectly between the Grunt exhaust manifold and Black Box..  It's also the only header that comes painted on the inside with ceramic coating.  This acts as a ceramic barrier, keeping the heat inside the pipe, which helps increase response even more.  Lowers heat coming out of the header by about 20 degrees





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                                                                                                                                                                      Made of 304 stainless all tig welded.

Next on the list for easy bolt on power is the Big Bottom Kit, shown on the left.  It is a kit, consisting of the Grunt exhaust manifold and the Snap air box insert, which slides inside the air boot.  Each item by itself is $100 but the is kit gives you a $50 savings.  Expect more "get and go" at all throttle openings and a much stronger throttle response down low. Installs in 10 minutes and there is no re programming (re jetting) required.  Find under your specific bike.

For only $149.95 it's definitely one of our best reviewed items.

Dead End complete kit

Includes all you need. The dead ends and the tap

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Past power, one of our biggest sellers are the Dead Ends anti vibration inserts.  And I think they just keep selling because people have figured out that they really work.  The long tubes are filled with small lead shot, which vibrates to accompany the different levels of vibration from the different RPM"S.  The the additional weights, which can be added to the ends, absorb the vibes at the higher frequencies, which occur above 6000 rpm or so.  And yes, they can be used with most wrap around handgaurds.

Important product improvement update:

As of 6-5- 15, the part that threads into your handlebar, which was made of aluminum, is now made of the same heavy lead-steel that the end weight is made of.  This means that the the thread in part itself, works noticably better at absorbing the lower rpm vibrations, than it did before.



The "Dead End" anti- vibration inserts,   were reviewed in the 2014 October issue of Dirt Bike magazine and this is what they said. " Through the mystery of harmonic frequencies distribution, the dead ends are pure magic. We bolted our set to a KTM 300 and could tell the difference the second the motor snapped to life. The higher the rpm climbed, the better the dead ends seemed to work"