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 A new, 30 day money back guarantee on the PQP end caps, the Grunt exhaust manifold and even the new headers that will be here shortly.  So buy and try with confidence.  NO other exhaust place gives you this

Well everyone, there are some pretty cool changes coming our way for 2015. A lot of it has to do with the new muffler end caps and pressure relief tubes, that we now have from a place called "PowerQuietPipes".  A friend of mine named Tom ended up retiring and with nothing to do kept working on his ktm pipes and ended up coming up with this cool stuff.  Since I always said that BestDualSportBikes would only sell what was the best, we now only sell their stuff.

Available in silver or black

Available in silver or black

How cool is this new end cap for the stock muffler, above. It changes the game for the EXC and XCFW guys, to make great power with minimal sound and minimal cost.  It's about time.  Look how cool it looks on the bike, here

Then install the GRUNT exhaust manifold for the best performing exhaust system you can get with keeping the tough stock headpipe and muffler.  For $260, it's half of what just an aftermarket slip on is.

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Then you just need our TPS tuner here, so you can accurately increase the output voltage of your throttle position sensor (tps) by being able to put exactly 5.00 volts into it. You don't need any different ecu programs or piggyback tuners. Keep your stock EXC or XCF-W program and increase power and response to your liking by cranking up the tps. Go to the TPS tuning page under "the products" to learn more.



Let's watch it all work together now.  Watch the videos below to see how just the $260 end cap and grunt and $90 tuner transform the 500 EXC and XCF-W into a third gear wheelie machine.




First the 500 EXC in stock form




Now the 500 XCF-W



And now the kit and tuner, with using the stock 500 ECU map.  Notice the 2nd gear wheelies are instant now and it's now doing third gear wheelies. Still quiet, spark arrested, has turn down to not burn EXC turn signals and only $350 total

You can read more about it and see installation instruction vids on your bikes page.

All the parts are available separately and fit 2011-15 350,450 and 500 EXC's and XCF-W's



The "Dead End" anti- vibration inserts, were reviewed in the 2014 October issue of Dirt Bike magazine and this is what they said. " Through the mystery of harmonic frequencies distribution, the dead ends are pure magic. We bolted our set to a KTM 300 and could tell the difference the second the motor snapped to life. The higher the rpm climbed, the better the dead ends seemed to work"

On another note, the ones they tested have long been replaced by better ones, which don't make for slippery ends and can easily be used with wrap around hand guards.  Buy as a kit (below) or separate. Go to the dead ends page under "The Products" for more pics and info

Dead End complete kit

Includes all you need. Thread inns, steel/lead weights and the tap

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The "Big Oily" clutch covers are a hit. Holding 25% more oil and made of billet, so you can't put a hole through it with a rock, it's extra protection and insurance for that $13,000 bike.

You can read more about it under "The products" and buy under "Products to purchase"

Fits 2011-2015  350,450 and 500 EXC, XCF-W ,XCF and SX

And then there is the "Big Power Kit.  It is called that because it adds 2-4 hp from 3000 - 10,000 rpm to the 500's and 3 hp from 6,000 - 10,000 on the 350's. It's the bigger throttle body from the 350 and 450 SXF models, that almost every factory team uses now. 

The stock body from your bike is on the left. it's 42mm troughout. The bigger SXF body is in the center. It's 44mm at the buttlerfly but then you can see it quickly reduces back down to 42mm. The body we modify and sell is on the right. The taper is ground away, making it flow even more air. It's still 42.5 just at the end, so there are no steps as it couples to the rubber manifold.  Ours makes more power than just using a bigger sxf body.  Read more about it  on the BIG POWER KIT under the products page